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Benefits of Advertising  

Visibility - We are currently registered with all major search services and as a result acquiring between 2 - 3 Million hits per month from visitors coming to our site to locate vacation rental homes, condos, villas, resorts, or other property. Your listing will be available to a world-wide audience.

Marketing - Your property is displayed to travelers through various search services and publications for professional organizations, sports travelers, team officials, corporate executives, the media, travel agencies and destination planners throughout the U.S., Europe, and other International locations.

Features - Second to None; you have direct access to your property information at all times to make any changes or adjustments to your listing. The renter will contact you directly, you determine who to rent to and at what price. 

Photos - Each property can include up to 24 photos. Owners find that the use of a good selection of color photos makes all the difference in terms of attracting potential renters. The ability to use photos in a way that would be prohibitively expensive in print advertising - is one of the major benefits of Internet marketing. 

Exposure - Currently our vacation rental site is supported by over 80+ additional websites that have both a local and international focus. This additional exposure has increased the results that our clients are getting and will increase your chance of being contacted through your listing. 

Low Cost - You can display full details of your property with color photos and comprehensive description and promote it to a global audience, 24 hours a day ...all for less than the cost of a small ad in a national newspaper. Internet advertising offers a wealth of opportunities which are simply not possible with traditional marketing methods - and it's considerably less expensive, especially when you consider what you get for your money.

Targeted Audience - One of the great advantages of this form of advertising is that you have a vast market and one that is also highly targeted. People only tend to visit web sites promoting places to stay for sporting events if they're looking for one - and a good web site will be attracting thousands of these potential visitors each week.

Technology - The Internet has quite literally opened up a whole new world in terms of marketing, giving advertisers instant access to a vast but highly targeted global audience. Mediamark Research Inc. has released data which suggests that there are 64.2 million adults going online in the U.S. every month. Whatever people need in today's world, they're increasingly turning to the Internet to find it.

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